Month: December 2017

Our Leadership Model – The Anatomy of a Leader

Having a framework helps you to understand and apply leadership principles and practices in a practical way that makes sense and is easily remembered. Our Leadership Model, The Anatomy of a Leader breaks leadership down into three simple messages that cover the leadership equation.

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Behaviour Speaks for Leaders.

Leaders are on show everyday. The behaviours they exhibit become the standards for the teams they lead, whether those behaviours are good, great or incredibly indifferent. The standards of your business are set and maintained by your leaders. Their behaviour speaks.

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Mastering Self Leadership for Career Growth

Mastering ourself is the first step in every leadership journey. How can we expect to lead others when we can’t lead ourselves. Good self leadership is identified by strong prioritisation skills, great attitude, authentic behaviour and great goal and objective setting skills.

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Small Business Leadership

Small business is the lifeblood of our economy. With our ever-changing environment, the small business sector is growing. We are seeing a large number of entrepreneurs building businesses in start-up accelerators and incubators, creating a vibrant scene of innovation, disruption and small business leadership.

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Building Better Engaged Teams

One of the biggest challenges faced in business today is to build engaged teams. Teams which are aligned by a common purpose, act with trust and integrity and perform at a standard that exceeds industry benchmarks. This is the reason why engaged teams win in the world of business.

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