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Since 2013 Think & Grow Business has been developing valued business leaders, helping them grow their business and the capability of their teams by providing leadership coaching and training certified by the world’s leading expert, John C Maxwell.  They increase their value to the organisation, to their teams and clients.

Strengthening Leaders

The development of leaders is our forte, using the values based teachings of Maxwell, supported by the latest research in neuroscience and human behaviour.

Strengthening Mindset

Your mindset is everything. Where you are as a leader and in your business, is where your mindset has taken you. We help create a shift in mindset that helps drive success.

Strengthening Business

Strengthening people in your business creates a resultant lift in performance, productivity and effectiveness. Improving the performance of people in business.

Strengthening Teams

Building great teams is a dream for most managers. The philosophy here is simple, we help you build great teams from the team you have, by focusing on building deep trust and accountability that lifts teams.

Strengthening Comms

Communication is the greatest cause of confusion and conflict and is the single biggest factor in the creation of corporate haze, that cloud of confusion and lack of clarity that envelopes many businesses. We help you fix that.

creating cohesion

Strengthening Cohesion

Creating a vision and a long term strategic approach is critical for businesses to keep on the path of importance and success. We help businesses create a unified company strategy to achieve the vision.

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Tony Curl

9 Things All Teams Need From their Leaders

A recent study of the best leaders found they are consistent and passionate in their engagement with their teams. The study also showed the characteristics are common across the board, with both CEOs and first-time supervisors exhibited this consistency and passion. Unfortunately, according to other management studies, 50% of today’s managers fail. The Conference Board

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5 Ways To Make Your Company Website Customer Friendly

In the modern business environment, having your own company essentially requires that you have a strong website as well. It’s more necessary in some industries than others, of course, but particularly if you are looking to sell a product or service directly to consumers, an appealing, intuitive, and useful web platform is of the utmost

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Tony Curl

A Growth Mindset and Business Success

Many people often ask me “What exactly is a growth mindset?” A growth mindset is an actual, demonstrable psychological phenomenon. It is based on the fact that many long-term successful individuals possess certain characteristics that they share with other long-term successful individuals. This set of characteristics has been termed a “growth mindset”. Now, some people,

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Growing Pains of Business
Tony Curl

5 Ways Content Marketing Can Benefit Your Brand

Content marketing is not just a fad. It’s a solid marketing strategy that has brought success to brands and businesses of all sizes. When you do content marketing correctly, you can expect to benefit for a long, long time. Many businesses struggle with the concept of content marketing for a multitude of reasons. But it can

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