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Since 2013 Think & Grow Business has been developing valued business leaders, helping them grow their business and the capability of their teams by providing leadership coaching and training certified by the world’s leading expert, John C Maxwell.  They increase their value to the organisation, to their teams and clients.

Strengthening Leaders

The development of leaders is our forte, using the values based teachings of Maxwell, supported by the latest research in neuroscience and human behaviour.

Strengthening Mindset

Your mindset is everything. Where you are as a leader and in your business, is where your mindset has taken you. We help create a shift in mindset that helps drive success.

Strengthening Business

Strengthening people in your business creates a resultant lift in performance, productivity and effectiveness. Improving the performance of people in business.

Strengthening Teams

Building great teams is a dream for most managers. The philosophy here is simple, we help you build great teams from the team you have, by focusing on building deep trust and accountability that lifts teams.

Strengthening Comms

Communication is the greatest cause of confusion and conflict and is the single biggest factor in the creation of corporate haze, that cloud of confusion and lack of clarity that envelopes many businesses. We help you fix that.

creating cohesion

Strengthening Cohesion

Creating a vision and a long term strategic approach is critical for businesses to keep on the path of importance and success. We help businesses create a unified company strategy to achieve the vision.

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successful collaboration
Tony Curl

Critical Leadership Skills for Successful Collaboration

Successful collaboration is achieved when a team works together towards the greater purpose of achieving the organization’s goal, by keeping its internal differences apart. As a leader, it is your role to ensure that people get the better of their emotions and collaborate professionally to achieve their task on time. Here are some skills that

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Set up your own podcast
Growing Pains of Business
Tony Curl

How Much Do You Need To Start Your Own Podcast?

I have the pleasure of doing two podcasts weekly as one of the marketing initiatives for Think & Grow Business. The Coach Curl Podcast and the Dumb Leaders Podcast both provide the opportunity to highlight our authority in our chosen fields. The Coach Curl Podcast has been operating since 2014, while the Dumb Leaders Podcast

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Tony Curl

Building Bulletproof Teams for Your Business Success

I remember like it was yesterday. Our state manager had come into our branch and was having a motivational pow-wow with the branch’s leadership team. Thinking back, I didn’t really note how stressed he appeared, Daryl was always on edge but kind of aloof. But that day was different. He wanted to be motivational, he

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5 steps to improve emotional intelligence
Tony Curl

5 Steps To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

As a leader, we often feel we are bulletproof. But one of the quickest ways to have problems with your emotional health is to take it for granted. To improve your emotional intelligence is an important aspect for every leader, but personally, it helps us improve our own emotional health. These days, many of us

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