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Six Takeaways from the course

Developing Courage

It takes courage to be a leader, but even if you have fears that have kept you from leadership roles so far doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome them and achieve positions of leadership

Leading Yourself

Belief in yourself is a tremendous asset to leadership. Your words and your actions can lead others to great heights – but only if you believe that you, too, have powers that are strong and which you strive to develop.

Commit to Excellence

When a person is committed to excellence, their talents are showcased in their leadership abilities. Committing yourself to excellence is giving yourself the gift of motivation. When you’re committed to being the best you can be you’re motivated to do what it takes

Dealing with Adversity

Greatness doesn’t usually occur without some side trips into adversity. Those who have accomplished great success in their lives have usually been through some trials and tribulations that have made them strong beyond measure

Overcoming Failure

Great leaders have experienced failures in their pasts, but never quit trying and never gave up. They reach the pinnacles of success by not accepting failure as an option and go on to achieve great things.

Becoming Inspirational

Whether you aspire to be an inspiration to a congregation, a business or your kids you should know that there are some common practices that inspirational leaders adhere to no matter who or what they want to inspire.

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