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Our approaching is refreshing. We Grow Leaders to Grow Business. Our combined business and leadership experience sits at over 35 years, and when this is combined with our certification as a John Maxwell coach, the value we bring to you and your business is real and can be measured. Here are our key areas of expertise, contact us today to how we can help you. Check out our leadership services below.

Mastermind Groups

Our TAGB Masterminds allow you to work on your business with a group of non-competing businesses facilitated by one of our coaches. The Mastermind process works around the concept of a board-room with each business working on issues, business growth and new opportunities (sowing) in a trusted environment to build your business success.

Leaders Roundtable

Our Leadership Roundtables meet monthly with a focus on your growth as a leader. Each month your roundtable will explore and unpack a leadership subject and action plans built to bring more effectiveness into your leadership. Your network will become part of your trusted business network and each roundtable will be mentored and led by one of our leadership coaches.

Business Growth

Your business growth is a primary motivator for us. We help you grow your business, with a focus on growing YOU. We will provide strategies, direction and guidance on your processes and systems, however our experience tells us that if you don’t grow to match, no amount of world-class business strategies will help. Contact us today to learn more.

Influential Leadership

Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. So say John Maxwell, the number one leadership expert in the world and this program dissects influence and builds strategies to build and increase sustainable influence. Just imagine the results your sales team will generate with increased influence and subsequently leadership skills.Increase your results today.

Effective Communication

Most breakdowns in business occur due to ineffective communication. In fact, most breakdowns in our lives occur because of ineffective communication. Effective communication brings clarity, and enhances connection with your team and customers and with that, improved results. Want better communication in your team? Contact us today.

Employee Engagement

Surveys and statistics from Forbes and Gallup indicate we are in a sorry state in relation to employee engagement. Currently,these surveys indicate that just 20% of our employees are actively engaged in the work they do. The remainder drain the productivity out of the workplace through being disinterested to disengaged. Learn how to improve this.

Leadership Foundations

Most frontline leaders obtain their position from being skilled technically. Yet they move into leadership roles and are often not trained or developed for leadership. In fact, many do not receive leadership training for up to TEN years after their first appointment. What problems does this cause in your workplace? This program provides the foundation for the leaders.

Leadership Transition

It’s challenging when leadership transitions. Often when leadership roles transition, we see results decrease. There are various reasons for this, and this program will walk you through the strategies to ensure your business doesn’t drop during times of leadership transition. This program will also support the leadership as you move to sell your business. A vital program, learn more.

Team Leadership

Build the team you want from the team you have. We offer solutions to leaders wanting to develop their teams into high performing and functional. We develop best practice from experience and our research, bringing you the best opportunity to develop effective teams that deliver performance and that team members enjoy being part of. Contact today.

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