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Customer service is critical for business success. The business world today is different and disruptive and to achieve the best outcomes, results and sustained success demands that businesses build unique and compelling solutions that deliver a consistent brand delivery.

The New Dynamic for All Service Organisations

Emotional Intelligence & Customer Service

Outstanding customer experience

Personality Profiling

The first stage when working with companies and businesses is to complete a personality profiling assessment for the executive team. Our specialty is using the Maxwell Method of DISC Profiling assessment tool or the leading edge PRISM Brain Mapping.

We know that to best understand the customer you must first understand yourself. Every profile comes with a full indepth review and debrief. Once achieved, we provide the skillset to understand and deliver for your customers.

Companies that know and understand their customers best are the ones that are winning in today’s business environment.

Executive Workshop

Completing the individual debriefs moves us to the group debrief and executive workshop. We uncover the concepts and foundations of outstanding customer experience and how that aligns with your current business reality.

The workshop dissects the fundamentals of outstanding customer experience, explore the current business and customer touchpoints and identifies the risk associated with each one. 

From here, we walk away with the foundations done to create your unique service model and to compile your brand assets and staff training program.

“I notice a big difference in customer satisfaction levels when staff pay attention to customers’ emotional states and address their emotional needs, as well as their product or service needs.”

Celeste Peterson, Customer Advocate – Palo Alto Software

Branding & Team

Develop Your Model

Your business is unique and so should your service model. This is not a one size fits all customer journey map, it is designed to be a unique model just for you and your team. It can be linear or non-linear, it can focus on steps or on moments. What suits your business best is what we deliver. We create this as your brand asset and we assign ownership to you. Steps, moments, it all adds up to an outstanding customer experience every time, and on all channels.


Personality Profiling

Either DISC Personality Profiling or PRISM Brain Mapping. Includes comprehensive debrief.


Executive Leadership Day

This is where we work with the executive team understanding  current reality and how that aligns to outstanding customer experience.


Training & the Model

We provide you the brand assets and deliver this in a training day for your team. Optionally, we can build a train-the-trainer course for your team leaders.

In today’s hypercompetitive and customer-centric world, it is those who know the most about their customers and harness this knowledge who achieve the greatest success.

Julio J. Hernandez
Head of Global Customer
Centre of Excellence
US Customer Advisory Lead
KPMG in the US

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setting the standards

Initially we train your entire team in the service model in a way the delivers cut-through and alignment to your vision.

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