The Main Thing to Train Your Sales Team

Train Your Sales Team

Many sales managers get caught up in fads, trends and latest breakthroughs in sales attainment. Often they get caught up in sales pipelines, CRM systems, omni-channels, on demand, visible pipelines, RFP software, sales force automation and even our own program Human Behaviour Dynamics and Sales Success. And doing so, they miss an important aspect of sales training. The one aspect you cannot afford to miss when you train your sales team.

The Main Thing

The main thing to first build is mindset. To build and create a mindset for sales is vital, because it doesn’t matter what process you implement to help you succeed, mindset and the attitude that comes from it is ultimately what will be the primary cause for your success. While everyone in your organisation and business is ultimately a potential sales person, not everyone enjoys sales or good at it. And whether you are starting your business or in an established one, the choice in training always starts with mindset.


I worked with a lady a few years back who wanted me to help her bring in new clients for her. I asked a simple question.

How many NO’S are you getting?

She didn’t understand, but did when I explained it. It doesn’t matter what sales channel you have, there is always a number of NO’s you get for every YES. The simple reality for this lady was that she wasn’t asking for business. She had no clear strategy and was hopeful that people would simply find her. She wasn’t getting any yes’s because she wasn’t getting any no’s, and she wasn’t getting no’s because she wasn’t asking the question.

This is mindset. Many people get disheartened when they get constant no’s. They don’t believe that sales is for them and they give up. If you want to see if sales is for you we have a couple of different workplace assessments to help you gauge your potential success in sales.

Persistance is Just the Start

The ability to develop a mindset of persistence is just the start. Mindset for sales encompasses many other things. No doubt, persistence is number one but there are other areas for successful mindset.

  • Mindset to keep goals in sight
  • Mindset to keep the customer first
  • Mindset to build relationship
  • Mindset to stay disciplined and composed
  • Mindset to continually improve


Mindset encompasses many things in sales and there are many things you have to train your sales team in. However when you train your sales team, always start with mindset and you will provide the foundation to build success for your team.

Tony Curl is an experienced sales and service professional with 30 years experience in some of Australia’s best retailers. Our active sales leadership programs are designed to mentor your sales and service teams to build trust and connect with your customers.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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