Active Sales Leadership : Growing Sales through Outstanding Service.

Working in retail leadership for 30 years, gives me a unique perspective on improving customer service skills to drive stronger sales.  Service and sales approach can be best described as inconsistent. We see businesses ride the roller-coaster of this inconsistency with sales streaming through, or scratching your head to try and find sales. Many businesses also highlight that the service their team are providing are not to the standard desired, but they have no documented processes and policies and no methods of ensuring accountability within the team. We often look for the magic sales pipeline, when a bigger payoff is by developing the team’s customer service skills.

I also see people promoted to lead teams, in sales and service functions, primarily because they were technically proficient at their job. Often we see sales and performance decrease in these situations.

Sales and account management are other areas I am passionate about. I call it ACTIVE SALES LEADERSHIP, and with this approach I see more proactive and committed individuals building cohesive teams and creating better outcomes.

Inconsistency is the greatest challenge followed by awareness and alignment. When all we want is raving fans, negative feedback often feels like a dagger to the heart. But feedback is vital for your business to grow.

True Service Culture

How We Help

Our active sales leadership programs are designed to mentor your sales and service teams to build trust and connect with your customers.  Our greatest challenge in sales and service is becoming aware of the life-time value of each customer and treating them accordingly, with CARE and by building trust. We are a trusted source; a partner of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, deliver funded programs for the Federally Government’s Australian Small Business Advisory Services program, and co-partner with TAFE Queensland to deliver their range of Small Business Solutions workshops. Our delivery is designed around the needs of small business and your outcomes is the determinant of our success. We truly become a trusted component of your business growth by developing your team’s customer service skills.

No outlandish claims, just practical, experience in leadership development and an ability to cut through to the critical elements. We are certified by the world’s best leadership expert in John Maxwell and continue our growth through their mentorship programs.Trusted partners, trusted network, your trusted adviser. Running a business can be scary and lonely. Our aim is to remove much of these and to give you the support you need.

Our Programs

Five Steps to Outstanding Customer Service

The Five Steps to Outstanding Customer Service.

Investment: $880 (inc GST)
Invoiced in Advance
We work with the shop owner or manager in building a service process based on our successful program "Five Steps to Outstanding Customer Service." In this four-hour session we will work through a natural flow for your business and customise it for you, to notate and implement. For an additional optional cost, we can provide the completed policy and process and undergo training of your team. This will be quoted separately based on the complexity of your business.
From Conversation to Connection

From Conversation to Connection

Investment: $895.00 (inc GST)
Full day workshop. Book Now on Our Eventbrite Page.
Our first requirement is to engage the customer in conversation. I am sure you recognise that at times this is tough as we can often be victims of our emotions and things going on around us. To build greater sales and success, we need to move forward from conversation and connect with our customers and clients. This workshop takes you through the steps we take to consistently bring about conversation and builds into workshopping the connection principles.
The Sales Pipeline

The Sales Pipeline Driven by the Service Attitude.

Investment: $895 (inc GST)
Full Day Workshop. Book Now On Our Eventbrite Page
Sales pipeline are common place in business today, but how do you drive trust and respect and not just go in for the sell (kill). Let us work through creating a sales pipeline of fans based on the attitude of service and care. Once unlocked, it helps make your business more resilient.
Retail Leaders Leadership Program

Retail Leaders Program - LEAD, ENGAGE, CONNECT

Investment: $147 per person per month (inc GST) Minimum numbers apply
12 Month commitment. Book on Events Page
A two hour retail leadership program monthly that gives retail leaders the key skills they need to create engaged teams, and connected customers. Working with this program enhances the skills of our retail leaders and gives them the best chance of sustainable success ongoing.

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