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The New Businesses Being Created By The Transitioning Workforce

Transitioning Workforce

The transitioning workforce is forcing a number of people to consider creating a business when previously they may never have had that inclination. We see an aging workforce being forced to work longer as governments (especially in Australia) extend the retirement age, and with it, creating a shift in mindset embracing the thought of starting a business, either to replace full-time employment, or as a side gig.

We are seeing more requests than ever from corporate or government employees and executives, seek our assistance to help them build a business. A variety of issues is creating this swelling tide of assistance.

  1. Workers who have hit a milestone birthday (40 or 50 mainly) and question their current positioning in life. Maybe they have felt threatened by younger, more energetic, more entrepreneurial leaders rapidly climbing the ladder? Maybe they’ve realized they have given great service to an organisation and that loyalty hasn’t been reciprocated, as they stall in their careers.
  2. With the disruption of industry, many people have been made redundant and now face the challenges of either finding employment, and what to do with their redundancy payout.
  3. Many have realized they don’t have enough superannuation for their retirement and are looking for ways to supplement their income in later years.
  4. We also have been supporting people build a sustainable side-gig service agency, both online and physically.

We are working with more people in this niche than ever before. This group of people have been largely ignored by the grants and government funded advisory services, as they have shifted to supporting digital and innovation accelerator programs. Taking your specialist skillset and building a viable consultancy or professional services is an area now that is growing, but largely ignored by governments.

We have Done Something About It.

Our processes have become well-known and our success has been built by word of mouth. We work with these clients in four clear areas.

  1. First we  build the entrepreneurial mindset needed to build a business. For many in the corporate world, survival instincts at times takes precedence, and the shift be be bold and courageous is what supports business success.
  2. We identify the strengths and skillset of the client. We follow a process to identify the value of that skillset and from that we build the value proposition.  The target customer and niche market forms the next piece of the puzzle. We know many in the corporate space have immense range of valuable skills and a sustainable profitable business can be created from this base. We create the signature program for the client.
  3. We work through a step-by-step to start the business, catering for all components, the foundation, the fundamentals, the financials and the marketing funnel and operational flow.
  4. We identify the best path to market, both online and physical. We look for opportunities in the client’s network as part of this process. We help create a business with recurring revenue  that is sustainably profitably.

Why choose us?

In business since 2013, I have helped hundreds of businesses either take the steps to start or grow their business. During this time, I have also been approached by businesses suffering and some have been on their last legs. I only wished they had contacted me earlier. Many of them had become emotionally invested in an idea with no research conducted on the commerciality, while others had run out of cash, after receiving a lump sum payment. All of them had had no advice, mentoring or coaching. I want to do my bit to stop this.

I have teamed up with other experts in digital marketing, emotional intelligence and financial acumen to develop a program that simply  works. Our program is delivered in three formats:

  • Online self-paced
  • Group workshops online
  • One-on-one intensive

So if you are facing up to the question of “what’s next” and you have always hankered for being your own boss, contact us today. Lets build your signature program and create the business you deserve.

Contact Tony direct on 0417 197 149 or email tony@tagb.com.au


Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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