The First Steps to a Leadership Growth Plan

Taking the first steps to develop your leadership is often the hardest thing we do. A leadership growth plan is not on everybody’s to-do list, but should be. We know we need to, we know we will be better for it, we know we will be more efficient, but often we don’t know how to kick it off. When I start working with new leaders, it is always important to understand how we define leadership personally, what we resonate with and what inspires us.

Personalising Leadership

I like to take leaders on a journey of personalising leadership. We start with sharing stories of who we identify as a leader and why we are inspired by them. For many, this is the first time they have taken the time to define leadership, and it’s enlightening. The moments of clarity, the “aha” moments they have when they piece together the reasons why certain leaders inspire them.

Getting this foundation is important; by doing so we create a picture of the leader that inspires us and using that reference, we create the type of leader we aspire to be.

Characteristics and Traits

Simply identifying leaders we admire and respect helps us, but it is only when we dissect the behaviours and traits of the leaders can we truly build that foundation for leadership that we need. Dissecting the behaviours, and then analysing them against our skill-set, provides the road-map for our own leadership growth plan.

Defining the strengths and honestly reviewing what you can improve on, becomes the catalyst for change and the seeds of growth. This is where our plans materialise from and this is where better leadership starts.

Leadership Growth Plan

A leadership growth plan incorporates man steps, but my experience shows that leaders undertaking this exercise have a head start on others. After gaining this insight,  a leadership assessment is the next step. Completing a managed leadership assessment, highlights your strengths and weakness, using psychological testing. Where do you sit as a potential leader? Where do you believe your best strengths in leadership lie? Where do you believe you should improve?

Working through this process, removes the gut-feel that many leaders operate with and gives clear actions and process to take the steps to better your leaders.

Let’s talk. Let’s work together to make you a better leader.

We have a range of leadership programs developed by our certification with John Maxwell the prominent leadership expert in the world today. We know we have a program for you.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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