Developing Leadership Skills

Transformative Leadership: Developing Leaders Turning Knowledge into Intentional Action.

Leadership Development is the Key to Success

  • Looking for the Key Differentiation Between Business Success and Failure.
  • Are You Getting the Execution From Your Team?
  • Are You Investing in Yourself and Your Team?
  • Do You Want Better Performance from More Cohesive Teams?
  • How Can You Benefit from Clearer Communication?
  • Looking to Improve Engagement and Culture?
  • Transformative Leaders Deliver Better Performance and Innovation.

Improving the performance of people in business at every level.

Leadership Training Having a framework helps you to understand and apply leadership principles and practices in a practical way that makes sense and is easily remembered. Our Leadership Model, The Anatomy of a Leader breaks leadership down into three simple messages that cover the leadership equation. It is a leadership model that works for individuals, teams and businesses.

The Coach Curl Academy is on online community which includes over 60 programs to ENHANCE-BUILD-GROW. Leadership and Business Programs to help you be the best you can be.

Our Leaders Roundtable are an amazing monthly scheduled session that provides growth in leadership to participants. We work with up to 10 like-minded leaders, provide a teaching and facilitate an interactive discussion. We finalise the session by compiling an action plan process to improve and grow and the group holds each other accountable. Amazingly simple, amazing results.

A one-hour coaching session monthly by phone working through specific coaching identified by our Leadership Assessment. The program can be split into 2x30 minute calls monthly to suit the working needs. Assessment included in your investment.

Meeting every week (after hours) for six weeks to Mastermind the learnings from one of John Maxwell's leadership books. Highly sought after and limited spaces. Join the mailing list to find out when next run. 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth; Everybody Communicates Few Connect, How to be a REAL Success, Put Your Dream to the Test, Leadership Gold, Become a Person of Influence.

Our customised programs create the desired culture for open and transparent performance leadership. Our programs work through creating effective feedback, team purpose, team objectives and to enable leaders to deliver sustainable performance.

Our foundations of leadership program maps through our foundations of leadership, twelve core leadership principles that we map back to the ten most required management disciplines

A two hour retail leadership program monthly that gives retail leaders the key skills they need to create engaged teams, and connected customers. Working with this program enhances the skills of our retail leaders and gives them the best chance of sustainable success ongoing.

 We develop specific leadership programs designed to cater for your business's specific needs. Our programs will improve teamwork and cohesion, emotional intelligence awareness, employee engagement, communication clarity and vision and purpose drivers. All of our programs follow the AAA process, bringing awareness, creating action and building accountability.

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach we have the access to a comprehensive range of Programs and Content from the Number 1 Leadership Expert in the World. If you have a development need, we have the solution.

Leadership AssessmentsThink and Grow Business assessment tools have been developed by a team of psychologists, test developers, researchers, statisticians, writers, and artificial intelligence experts. These assessment tools have been tested to help companies (small and large) improve their organizations efficiency and profitability; individuals deliver on their personal development goals along with career and life transitions. Coaches become more effective and add more value to their client interactions.

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