The Problem with Australian Made

The Problem with Australian Made

We have seen an influx of sentiment around Australian Made in the midst of the covoid19. I have been invited into a number of groups proudly promoting the call to Aussie made products. I applaud them for the sentiment.
In one of the group, there are over 1.3million people. A good size for a country of 26 million. Some of the commentaries around Aussie made is purely because of the desire to punish China, the source of Covoid19. I shared some of my thoughts on episode 66 of the Dumb Leaders Podcast. In that, I share that the world needs to stand up and stop the wildlife markets and their barbaric practices. Amongst other things, check it out at
But back to Australian Made. In these groups, we are seeing a lot of products, niche products, niche manufacturing, hobbyists in some cases. I’m sorry to rain on the parade but this will not save our country. We have no Australian Made Cars, Television,  and other major expenditure items. computers and tools are other consumer areas of high imports.
We’re splashing cash around in Australia to stimulate an economy on life support. We are being told about hibernation, putting the economy and Australia into a sleep induced state and sharing money to anyone affected. That’s worthy. And I am pleased BUT and there is a big BUT.
We will need a recovery package and if we have splashed obscene amounts of money, just to maintain our standard of living. We will not have the money to deliver an increased emphasis on our manufacturing base. There will be nothing in the can.


So what should happen?


– Tax incentives on startup and infrastructure costs

– Payroll incentives (the larger the force, the better the incentives We must embrace technology, automation but we need people to be employed. Another key learning from Japan was the amount of menial jobs, cleaners, guards, attendants)

– Not industry bailouts (didn’t work with the automobile industry. They just seemingly bank the profit)

– Access to world best practice experts and global for mentoring and business support to build a world-class manufacturing-based build through innovation. Guess what – most of those people are here already.


– Our mindset needs to shift. One from consumerism and one of pride. We see that pride now. That needs to be sustained, especially when it comes to price. Let’s stop being seduced by the lowest price. Let’s stop being seduced by our need to live an easy life. Lets set ourselves up for success.

Let's not fall into hibernation - lets reset.
Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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