Professional Advice $1000 Redland City Council Grant

  • Redland City Council are providing $1000 grants for professional advice and some of the feedback I am getting is that some businesses are nonplused by the offer and the effort required to get it.
  • Both of which I can certainly understand.
  • And I certainly see value in going for it. Why
  • The most expensive advice is the advice you don’t get
  • It’s $1000 that doesn’t come from your pocket.
  • I know some of the fear arises from a couple of things in the application… I will go through that towards the end of this live video.
  • The main question stems from how the professional advice addresses the impacts that you have felt during COVID. And some of the feedback is that owners are concerned with detailing that. And the cost to get that done via their advisers
  • Think of this as a DIY grant process. The grant itself isn’t complicated and can be put together yourself with may using an adviser as part of the review process.
  • What constitutes value is important as well. I have spoken with a couple of consultants and they really have worked on putting together packages that make sense and support the community. Our aim is to get business back stronger, fitter, and better on the Redlands Coast.
  • Take the time to call me to discuss your impacts and what you are wanting to make happen from here.
  • I have available a range of programs that completely overhaul your business, centered around an action plan that reviews every aspect of your business and builds a plan for your continued success. The program provides 8 hours of personal contact time working on your business plan, plus you will get at least another 4 hours to help you put the plan into action.
  • Sounds too good to be true, call me and let’s talk. I will show you how it can work for you and your circumstances.
  • Before I close I will talk about the fears from the application.
  • Firstly it’s about describing the hardship you have faced. The word hardship is scary for some to articulate, and when followed by some of the questions before it, has frightened some. But let’s walk through that on a call, and let’s get that down.
  • The other area is how professional advice will improve the impact the crisis has had. Again, let’s talk, about that.
Consider the process a bit of a DIY Grant, you can do it yourself with some support from me if needed. Consider the impact on your business, certainly the economic impact and think about what you want to drive as a better business process. That’s the key and nothing to be fearful of.
Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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