Build a Better Business - Small Business Solution

In the age of innovation, change and disruption have become the new constants. To survive and thrive, you need to know how to:

Compete in a crowded market
Innovate to stay front of mind with customers
Build a better business
Through the Build a Better Business workshops and mentoring, I can guide you through critical periods of business development and arm you with the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to clarify your ideas and to move you into the next stage of business growth..

What You Will Learn
• Upgrade your understanding of business finances and be empowered to improve business profitability
• Improve, innovate and grow your business
• Optimise your business with the latest online business planning
• Create a practical, user-friendly business action plan, the must have tool for your business
• Develop an innovative digital marketing plan and grow your connection with customers
• Create new actionable ideas and grow your small business
• Discover your customers in an entirely new way
• Find focus with productivity tools and techniques
• Reduce your stress by actioning a business improvement audit on your business
• Upgrade your mindset and be empowered as a purposeful leader in business
Two convenient study options to choose from:
Group mentoring sessions:
• 4 x 3 hours face-to-face group mentoring
• Online learning, support and networking
• 2 hours of one-on-one mentoring
to assist with implementation of the
business action plan

One-on-one delivery sessions:
• 5 x 1.5 hours face-to-face group mentoring
• Online learning, support and networking

Payment options?
For more information regarding the different payment options please click the link below


“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce is doing a really good job. I’m so glad I decided to join the business community 6 years ago. Through the Build a Better Business workshop presented by Tony Curl, I have learnt new skills to enhance my business service offering. As a bonus I have met some incredibly passionate people who have become my support crew in business, championing one another on with our renewed business sense. Win win!”

Christine Kankkunen

Personalised Freight Solutions

"Heading into the Build a Better Business Workshop, I was hoping to gain some clarity on where my business was heading and how to get it there. What I didn't expect was the amazing friendships and connections I have made with a group of like minded business owners! Not only do I have clear direction, motivation, a new marketing strategy & a financial plan, I also have a brand new support network comprised of business owners from an array of industries who all have their own experiences and perspectives to share. A huge thank you to Tony for facilitating such a fantastic Workshop! I can't recommend this course highly enough for any small business owners out there!”

Megan Neri

Golden Child Beauty

“Very grateful to RCCC for making this opportunity possible. So glad I let myself take up this opportunity to study with you and a bunch of hard working inspiring women business owners. I looked forward to our Thursday night gatherings as we learn together and encourage each other, and I've found the content of the course makes me think bigger and better in relation to my business goals, my customers, my marketing and my processes. The Business Action Plan is an intimidating document but we've been chewing away at it bit by bit so it is less intimidating now. The course is making me face and think about and take action on the parts of my business that I find too hard (finance, forward planning) and that's why the course is so valuable to me. Tony, you're a friendly and approachable mentor with good knowledge and questions to get us thinking harder about our business than we generally do left to our own devices. The content is challenging but set at the right level for me. Thanks so much!!”

Rachel Krinks

Coochie Island News

What an absolute privilege and pleasure it has been doing the Building a Better Business Workshop with you. I was a little apprehensive not having studied in close to 30 years, but this workshop has been amazing!! I’ve really appreciated you sharing your stories and experiences to enhance the course material as well as your personal interest in my business and assisting me with applying the academic to the practical, to the point where I’ve already been able to apply the exercises to forming strategies within the company. Hopefully there’ll be another opportunity to work together again!

Belinda Kuppens


Better Business Workshop

Tony Curl facilitates both the workshops and the single mentoring process to help business in the Redlands Coast achieve better results. He is one of only 11 mentors throughout Qld that mentor this programs

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