leading through a crisis

Leading Through Crisis

Hi I’m Tony and I am a certified John Maxwell Coach. John is often acknowledged as the number 1 leadership expert in the world with over 75 books written on leadership. John recently provided a 3-day virtual leadership summit for his team of 30,000 coaches and for some of our clients. During this John provided leadership lessons for leading through a crisis and as a mentorship member of the team, I am proud to be able to share some of the learning with you.
At the end of this live video, I will provide details of a further dive into this when we call to come back from our Easter  break
And we start from the definition of a crisis. I think it’s pretty hard not to believe that we are not in a crisis
A crisis is something you cannot run from
  1. You may want to ignore it
  2. You may want to run from it
  3. You may want to start all over again
In a crisis, none of that is possible.
And that is how we face the world today. And I don’t want to waste your time talking about managing in a crisis. Because most leaders can step up in a crisis. Not all but most.
We are revealed in a crisis. There is nothing more transparent and visible than a leader in a crisis. In a crisis, a leader either shows up or is shown up.
And our challenge is to lead through a crisis. Not just lead in a crisis. We have many great examples of people that have led well in a crisis but didn’t lead through the crisis.
Respect is an uphill thing, respect from life comes from what you have been through. It’s almost like our scars are our milestones on our leadership journey. You are accumulating the scars, let’s see how we can build through the crisis and come out the other side as a stronger leader.
Next week, after the Easter break I am conducting a four-part mastermind series on Leading through a crisis. In the comments, I have the link for the first exploration session in the mastermind.
https://thinkandgrowbusiness.zohoshowtime.com/sessions/leading-through-a-crisis and will be conducted on my showtime platform. Invest the time to grow during this time, you will never regret that.
Contact me or comment below and I will send the details of our exploration lessons on leading through a crisis. I cannot wait to work with you to grow better and stronger leaders
Everything is exaggerated in a crisis.
Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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