Improving the Performance of People in Business

Improving the Performance of People in Business

How do you go about improving the performance of people in business? An elevator pitch is one of the prerequisites for anyone contemplating a business. A clear, succinct statement that tells people exactly what it is that you do. Often it evolves with time and rarely does the first pitch you take on, become the forever pitch.

It happened with us. Like many, we have heard the pitches – “We double your profit through effective marketing funnels” “Lead generation to 10x your business” “We help people become the greatest version of themselves” …  All delivered from a position of supreme confidence, but from which our inner cynic screams out “Bullshit”.

Credit, where credit is due, I have always appreciated people who can walk the talk and I know many who clearly walk the talk of their pitch, they are in my circle and do great work. Just as we do with our clients.  Growing Leaders, Growing Business is an integral part of our philosophy, our realisation is very clear  on what we do, “Improving the performance of people in business” That’s what we do.

Fundamentally, the vast majority of our work is done with the person. Yes, we have access to a wide range of business tools and programs that help businesses grow from planning, strategy, marketing and sales to name just a few. But we have found that unless the person is developed, any process or system provided becomes wasted. We have seen this time and time again. People investing in systems and funnels, yet not investing in themselves to help them deliver.  As humans, we fundamentally under-invest in ourselves. That’s dangerous. And when we do, we don’t look for a return on that investment. Often we find our own excuses not to find that return, when it is often the biggest thing holding us back.

I wear many hats. Just checking out our partners page tells you that. Recently I was preparing to be interviewed and I was walking through in my mind, my potential answers. And it came to me. What do  I do?

I improve the performance of people in business.

Nothing outlandish, that’s what I do.

And an accomplished record of doing that.

  • Helped over a hundred business either start, grow or prepare their business for succession
  • Turned struggling sales teams into sales leaders through assessment, accountability and prioritizing.
  • Developed the skills and capabilities of manufacturing foreman to deliver sustained excellence in performance while preparing for expansion of the business
  • Helped professional services people become role models for leadership within their respective companies
  • Enhanced the creative capability of introverted and “left-brain” business people in developing programs and marketing concepts for their business.
  • Created sounding boards and excellent coaching results from career executives working through the quagmire of career progression. Several promotions and above average salary hikes.
  • Recently supported executives made redundant, in creating and determining new pathways and creating their pitches for new careers.

The key thing you see from the above is the focus on people, but when you focus on the people the results of the business and the individual soar. Processes and systems have potential for success, but it is the people performance that creates the maximum benefit. We improve the performance of people in business.

When the people in business improve, the business improves. Improving the performance of people in business is our focus. Let’s make it happen.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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