Define Moments of Truth for Sales Success

Our moments of truth define our business success. I first read about moments of truth in relation to South-West airline about ten years ago, and it was impactful for me in my retail career. I have read much since then

Since then, this concept has been written about, in varying formats and theories created around them. We have digital moment of truth, we have marketing moments of truth. But not everything needs to comply with the need to have a theory. In my mind academic theory tends to complicate things.

I prefer to think of moments of truth in a more simplistic fashion. A moment of truth is a touch point. Every time your customer or client has a touchpoint with your business or your service, it is a moment of truth for them. A moment of truth defining your business success, your sales success and your ability to maintain growth.

When you analyse your business, the key is to be able to identify those moments of truth to ensure success. Where does your customer connect with your business and do you win on those moments of truth?

Your first moment of truth comes from the first contact. These days it is not uncommon for a customer to first connect online via our website or social media outlets. Do you win on these fronts?

  • Are you connecting to your prospective client with the right message?
  • Have you built a personal connection with them?
  • Have you used visuals for them to easily identifiable?
  • Are you conscious of their time?
  • What is the first impressions from your online presence?
  • Do you make it easy for them to contact you?

And that’s just from your website. Think about every single touchpoint your clients and customers interact with you and define the score as it stands now. Are you winning?

Every business determines success based on their moments of truth. Business that understand what their moments of truth have a much greater chance of success than those that don’t. Define your moments of truth and make sure you can win.

Tony Curl works with businesses of all sizes and industries on determining their moments of truth and implementing strategies to help them win. He starts with his program 5 Steps to Customer Service and builds a bespoke program for you and your business. Contact him for your business success.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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