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Everyone has had dumb leaders and everyone has been a dumb leader. We have all had those forehead slapping moments when we have made a dumb mistake, went against our better judgement or been impacted by someone else’s dumb error.

The Dumb Leaders Handbook was born from a “brainstorming” session between a group of national retail executives who started sharing the dumbest things they saw a leader do, including themselves and from that humble beginnings a community was envisioned and the process for The Dumb Leaders Handbook, by the brainchild of Tony Curl. Coach Curl is a leadership coach and will add value to you by providing strategies to support your leadership journeys. The two national executives return to the roles, safe in the knowledge they remain a part of the process, part of their team but their colleagues will never know.

Everyone has been a dumb leader at one stage. We have found that no-one is immune. We all do dumb. Most of us do it well and then we learn. Others do dumb continuously and never seem to learn.

The Dumb Leaders Handbook is your opportunity to learn from the dumb leaders so you don’t have to be one.

Our vision kicks off with our  Podcast and our online magazine site. We have plans to build great things to support our community. Join in, stay tuned, enjoy the ride.

Dumb Leaders in the News

We have always been avid readers of the train wreck of leaders that end up in the news. And you will gain the benefit. We will share the story (not rehash it) and provide strategies that would have changed the result, so you can benefit. Whether it’s a dumb play at a sporting club, a dumb politician with a mistress or other notable newsworthy dumb leaders, we will look at it and provide you with the nous to never do whatever it is they did.

Dumb Leaders Throughout History

This is where MBA’s are built. Our resident historian, Bryce Dawson will explore dumb leaders from throughout history. Sharing business and leadership failure, military failure down to the  failure of communities, nations and empires. If it has happened, Bryce will uncover it. Dumb Leaders throughout history.


Every article aims to follow the same structure.


  • The story dives in where others fear to tread. The stories from around the water cooler, will be unlocked and unleashed and shared with the wider world.


  • Where there has been an outcome, we will share it. Otherwise we will outline potential scenarios from the dumb leader’s mistakes


  • We provide a three-step strategy to help you win and be successful.

Check out The Dumb Leaders Handbook and be among the first to experience how learning from the dumb can help make you a better leader.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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