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Tony has always been a communicator. His keynote addresses will motivate and inspire your business teams offering you great value and insight, aligning strongly with better leadership and business principles.

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Tony has the experience to guide your audience to the place they need to go, yet currently don’t know. Creating awareness and aha moments, by sharing stories from his experiences and research, you will come away with greater insight and actionables from any address from Tony.

Tony has shared his messages to business groups, company teams and auditoriums filled with influencers and leaders. Contact him to today to see how Tony could benefit you.

Presentations and Keynotes


In the age of innovation and disruption, its important for leaders to have an awareness on the changing landscape. Australia can we lead through innovation better than what we are?

What is it that makes some businesses more attractive to others and become preferred employers? Tony dissect the fundamentals of what makes business attractive to potential candidates and shares his insight on how to recruit and attract effectively.

The ten steps to master self leadership. Take home some key steps to be more effective today

A presentation founded in our ancient physiology. Be more motivated, to achieve more and stay in the game.

When you get punched in the face for a living, you had better have a mindset that delivers. Tony dissects the make-up of MMA fighters and breaks them down into action steps

Their is a new model for business, in fact there are many new models. I look at the new models to see which can be of benefit to your business.


Keeping promises to yourself is hard, the Four Pillars give you the framework to commit to your success.

A simple visit to a sports masseuse helped Tony build the concept of “The Anatomy of a Leader”. The core of your leadership is built on your character and is central to who you are and how you lead

Don’t accept your current reality as a reason not to chase your dreams. On your deathbed, you won’t be lying there wishing you had given more to that 9 to 5 job.

Courage is indispensable.

It’s a valuable commodity found in great leaders. They have the courage of their convictions; the courage to say what they see, feel and believe; the courage to canvas thoughts; the courage to be authentic; the courage to make the tough decisions for the greater good; the courage to connect with the team and clients; the courage to have standards and the courage to role model standards and behaviours.

Can you beat the odds? Team engagement statistics indicate that if you aren’t already leading a team that is disengaged, you will at some time. Statistics show that generally our workforce engagement sits between 19-25%. The odds are against you

Tony dissects these dumb leaders mistakes and provides you the benefit. The structure behind each post reveals the learning through STORY, SCENARIO and STRATEGY. We share a story, provide the scenario that happened (or may happen) and detail a three-step strategy to help you not make the same mistakes.

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