Build the Team You Want From the Team You Have

Great leaders build the team they want from the team they have. – Tony Curl

Build the Team You Want

Leaders will often mention to me, the frustrations they have with their teams. Whether it is a small business and a small team, or larger corporate departments, often leaders feel hamstrung due to the team they have. Conversely and less often, I speak with other leaders who tell me how well the team they inherited is going and how they have built a high-performing team. And often from less that ideal starts. Great leaders build the team they want from the team they have.

Maybe, it’s more about the excuses. Isn’t it? It’s easier to find blame why things aren’t happening for us, than it is to look deep within ourselves and find the internal strength to deliver for ourselves. That’s why we have a few leaders who consistently achieve results but then we have the vast majority who deliver inconsistently.

So what sets them apart?

A Belief on Development

Leaders that take the time to develop their team tend to have the following characteristics.

  • They have their own personal growth plan. To have the best team, they need to be the best YOU.
  • They track their performance and set targets and goals.
  • They have trans-formative ability to turn knowledge into action and importantly better results
  • They lead for the team they serve and know it’s not about them
  • They challenge their team to grow to achieve their potential, not to manipulate for results.
  • They share and celebrate success and know it isn’t short term.
  • They are realistic knowing that even teams that are hand-picked and chosen face their challenges. They look for the inherit good of people and this helps them deliver better results.

The Ultimate Game : The Ultimate Result

Life and business is never perfect. We rarely get to choose the team that we lead. Often we inherit them when we buy a business or move departments. Even when we “choose” them we look for people like us or don’t have a clear idea how to compliment the skill set we have ourselves. So what can you do?

  1. Understand your own strengths and weaknesses. Please use our own Strengths and Weaknesses analysis available here.
  2. Understand the capacity and personality of your team. Our Assessments help with this.
  3. Determine what your ideal team member looks like and recruit accordingly.
  4. Create your growth plan and help your team develop theirs.
  5. Take time. Everything worthwhile is uphill, takes work and commitment. Commit to the process and take the rewards over the longer term.


The creation of a great team comes down to the belief of the leader. If the leader commits to the process of developing their team, they will take huge steps developing the team they want from the team they have.

Tony Curl is the principal behind Think and Grow Business who has built a reputation for building leaders by delivering outcomes and results for the leaders and teams that he works for. Take the time to contact him today and see how he can help you build the team you want.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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