essential steps to start your business

The 5 Essential Steps to Start Your Business

Do you have a great idea for a viable business? How do you go from that initial inspiration to actually getting your business off the ground? Starting a business has many moving parts and it requires quite a bit of planning, but anyone can do it if they approach it in a focused and organized manner.

Today we have taken some key components out of one of our Academy programs and will add value if you are looking to start a business. The program is called “Fuelling Your Business” which walks you through step by step and takes your idea to launch. If you are looking for a program to work through at your pace, this is it. Entirely online and tremendous value to help you kickstart your business.

We have taken five essential steps out of this program to share with you. Your business will not succeed if you don’t take these steps onboard and do the work. The five essential steps can be worked from for free from this page and video. You will see a link to download a checklist to help you work through the program and a more detailed workbook (with action steps) is available by way of an email form as well. You will also find this link underneath this video. If working through the workbook sounds like a plan, send off the request and you will receive that download link immediately for the workbook. Remember, we have a link for the checklist below, but to get the more detailed workbook with action steps, follow the steps below.

Starting your own business is a dream for many, and valuable help is hard to find. There are many coaches and programs which are awesome, incubators and accelerators, but when you are working through the startup processes, often it is hard to invest or understand who to trust, This 5 Essential steps program, provides value for you with the only investment of your time. Of course, if you then choose to undertake the Fuelling Your Business program inside the CCA, that will increase the value in these five steps and work you through the process beginning with your mindset to launch and success.


You can download the free checklist above and work with the video, or using the form below, you can download a detailed workbook to help you. Additionally, I will send you five more tips during the next week to set you on your business path to success. 

I hope you get great value from this course and I look forward to hearing about the success of your business.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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