Supporting the Youth Leaders of Heart Kids Teen Camp

Developing youth leaders is a passion of ours and we take pride is supporting great non-profit organisations. Recently we were honoured to donate our leadership expertise to Heartkids Australia at their National Teen Camp in the Gold Coast hinterland. This amazing group of teenagers have faced more challenges in their short lives than most of us will face in our lifetime.

Ongoing heart operations and continuous health monitoring are just two of the constant concerns these young leaders face. I was inspired by the courage they have showed in their lives, and encouraged by their response to being leaders. They are true role models to the younger teens at the camp, sharing their stories and providing mentorship to the younger teens facing their health challenges.

Youth Leaders

With Douglas Holt we shared the John Maxwell Leadership Game for an afternoon of leadership development. The game is an amazing tool for leadership teams and one that helps breed awareness and capability to a team.  It is a powerful way to asses and develop your team and because of the nature of the questions and the activities, highlights the need for skill development amongst your team. It can also help explain blocks and blockages that can occur within teams.

With this in mind, we were slightly unsure how our young leaders would respond but ultimately they showed great humility, awareness and strength of character to engage in the game. We were blown away by the depth of conversations and discussions and learnt so much from them. The way these youth leaders support, challenge and stretch each other was something that every team I work with will hear about and  learn from.

Many leadership teams operate at a surface level of trust. The deep trust these Heartkids Youth Leaders showed, represented a deeper trust that is sadly, seldom found in business teams. Teams that can demonstrate vulnerability, admit weaknesses and speak up with passion, outperform those that don’t or won’t build that level of deeper level of trust.

Our young leaders can often be a role model for the rest of us. This can be seen in many places and was highly visible to me to me when I was honoured to serve Heartkids teen leaders.

If I can help your team build greater trust and awareness with the innovation that is the Leadership Game, please connect today.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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