Slow Business Growth – Most Times It Takes Time

Sometimes I work with desperate businesses. Desperate for growth, desperate for clients, desperate for a saviour. Desperate for many reasons, but desperate all the same. These businesses need help and they need it fast, and often can’t wait for a growth strategy. Business strategies are rarely a miracle and unfortunately a miracle is what they often need. Slow business growth or declining sales has pushed them into a position of pain, not a good place to be.

Why I need a Strategy!

Have you ever found yourself in this position in your business? Needing growth quickly. Becoming more desperate as time goes on. Finding it difficult to balance the need to put food on the table and the need to plan your business better? Slow burning growth is often not an option, but for many businesses growing your business is a slow burn. Building the foundation for growth is imperative for any young business and it is better to start well, than stumble and become desperate.

Sometimes It Takes Time

The magic pill for business growth is advertised and marketed every day. Just check your Facebook feed. The promise of fast and easy growth by following these simple steps. There are many disapointed business owners out there. Paying for the magic pill, and getting little in return. Expecting marketing to work immediately. Pumping out spam on social media. Needing a quick fix and reacting emotionally to the business needs. Failing to strategise for fear of slow business growth.

Sometimes it takes time. Often it takes time. Most times it takes time.


Marketing takes time. You need to be clear on your message and on  who you are targetting your ideal client and giving yourself time to have your message seen, heard and understood. The days of K-Tel country are long over and it’s very rare for marketing to have an immediate impact of sales. Most marketing takes time, but many business owners will give up, change message or try something else when it doesn’t pay off immediately.

Building trust takes time. Social media doesn’t work when you pump out spam. Many facebook groups for business are a waste of space as they become a magnet for spam, while others are well-administered and ask for businesses to build trust by adding value and sharing content. These are the place to build trusted networks. But it’s not just in the groups where “slow burn” is expected. Building your content and social media strategy is one thing, executing is another and getting results another again. It is a “slow burn”, but it’s a wise move for solid business growth.

Slow Business Growth

Think about it. Expecting someone to purchase your product and service the first time they see it advertised is ridiculous. Expecting someone to call when they read your very good blog post for the first time is insanity. They don’t know you, and while they may have liked your post, there’s still  trust to be built. Allow your relationships to build and don’t “go in for the sell” to quickly. The good news is the “slow burn” usually leads to growth in your business, it builds slowly until it becomes solid. And every business loves solid growth.

For strategies to build growth in your business, check out our Growing Business Services and allow us to help you grow solidly. And if you’re needing some fast growth, grab a strategy session and let’s help you make that happen as well.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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