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Redland City Business Leaders

Leaders in Redland City now have a better and local option when it comes to lifting the performance of their front line leaders in the form of a new six month interactive program developed by Tony Curl from Think & Grow Business. Tony has strong links with the local business community in his voluntary role as the Vice President of the Redland City Chamber of Commerce, and their charter in growing business in Redland City. Tony works with Redland City business leaders in growing business in the Redlands.

Growing your business presents many challenges to business owners, and the opportunity  Tony saw was the development of frontline leaders. They are responsible for executing the strategy and growth plan of the business and freeing the business owner up to work in their strength and strategy zone. Tony identified frustration amongst local medium sized business as often the senior leader, or  business owner was working  to cover the shortfalls of their frontline management. The impact on family life from the stress, pressure and associated long hours takes its toll. There has to be a better way.

Redland City leaders have always had options in developing their managers. These options have never always been effective in delivering the ultimate aim, in improvement performance in the business.

Current Options in Developing Front Line Managers

  • Personal mentoring from the business owner of senior leader. This is a great option and one that most business owners take seriously. The problem faced, in an environment of stress and pressure, the ability to invest quality time with the front line manager is negatively impacted and the business never fully recoups the investment.
  • Ask them to read a book. Again, a worthwhile activity and one in which most growth oriented individuals do anyway. However, in a world where 90% of the population don’t read a book outside of formal education, this request will often fail and at best, have the reading opened to perception. In some ways, this option leaves growth to chance.
  • Investing in a workshops. Workshops are a great way to bring knowledge to managers, however the great drawback here is the implementation of the improved knowledge. Even when people are inspired and invigorated after a day of training, often the return to work begins a scenario where “life” takes over and the impact of the training is lost. The cost of workshops are often excessively expensive and in many cases, the investment is never recouped.
  • Investing in accredited training. Accredited training is good as it enables the employee being trained to pick up a qualification. I am often asked about whether our training is accredited so the manager can gain a new qualification. I know business owners often have great intentions with this request, wanting a win-win for the employee. The reality is often, the real winner will be the employee, as they pick up a qualification. Plus the demands of the qualifications in assessments and assignment will often impacts  work output. I have seen businesses allow their managers study time, which again is fantastic. However often that time is lost time for the business and productivity. Additionally, unless the individual is disciplined, the actual study time is often frittered away by the individuals with many of the assignments and reports still left to the final minutes.

The biggest gap is between knowing what to do and doing it.

As Redland City business leaders we are faced with many challenges and we need to see our frontline managers step up to the plate and achieve results. We want to spend our days investing in their growth, and not micro-managing them to get stuff done. This is where our Frontline Leadership program supports you and your business growth.

Our program is a six month program, incorporating the fundamental management and leadership skills, needed by frontline managers. Your investment for each manager, is also comparative to a full day workshop held by other training companies. The difference is the multiple touchpoints and our accountability process.

The workshop schedule:

  1. Self management
  2. Prioritising and Productivity
  3. Communicating clearly and effectively
  4. Setting performance standards and expectations
  5. Conflict resolution and managing under-performance
  6. Leadership styles


Each workshop is a three hour workshop of practical interaction and activities with each session. Finalised with a 30 minute action planning session. We have two processes for follow up to ensure what is committed to, is implemented in the workforce. Our base program provides each participant with a 30 minute accountability call a week before the following workshop. This provides a 3 week window for the manager to develop that skills to which we then assess the benefits. Our accountability sessions supports the owner and the manager in achieving better performance.

Redland City business leaders now have a strong option in developing their frontline leaders and helping them achieve and maintain their business growth strategy. Contact Tony today and discover how your frontline managers can become the asset you want them to be. Build and asset from your team with an ally you can trust.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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