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I have recently returned from a three week visit to the United States. As an avid retail proponent, advocate and observer, I was keen to witness the current state of the retail industry as best I could. The eulogies have seemingly been written on the death of some of the big brands, as they fail to keep pace with modern times and pace of change.

Even the “Dead Malls” phenomenon has entered the mainstream. Swelled by a brand new group of followers, this launched from the Dead Walmart community from about ten years ago, where Wal-Mart empty shells were popping up as they vacated sites for better opportunities and locations. Videos of empty shopping centres at varying stages of the final nail process, have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and video views. The retail industry is changing and there are casualties along the way.

Being a family trip, we were bound to do a range of shopping and our visit entailed both the East and West Coast, small and large cities, outlet centres, suburban malls, city specialities, home centres and smaller neighbourhood centres.

And while I may have been looking for reassurance that retail wasn’t losing, I witnessed a change from our last visit from 2015.


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Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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