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Five Great Courses to Become a Better Leader

I am often asked my companies to provide courses that help their managers become a better leader. Being a member of the John Maxwell team provides me with amazing leadership content that enables me to custom design programs for them.

However, the request may be urgent and and the need to deliver in a self-managed method. That was one of the driving forces behind The Coach Curl Academy and started our search to find programs that can be delivered online and had enormous value.

The Academy is a mix of signature programs from Coach Curl and Think & Grow Business along with a plethora of licensed leadership programs, all designed as a personal growth community to help keep you accountable for your growth.

If you want to build better leaders within your business and your team, the value packed offer in the Academy is worth investing in to see improved results.

Here is a list of the five great programs to help you be a better leader.

  1. Becoming a Boss. Learn how to lead and inspire with this great programs which dissects the traits of great leaders and uncovers some of the laws of leadership. This is a great program for those venturing into leadership roles and moving from a technical skillset to a people leadership skillset.
  2. Dissecting Influence. Leadership is influence, nothing more less. If you want to become a better leader, the opportunity to build influence is critical in that quest. This course by Tony Curl, helps you create your influence inventory and gives you tips on how to improve.
  3. Leadership Authority. Leadership Authority uncovers inspiration and team building as the critical focus. Uncovering how to deal with those tough characters and encouraging teamwork is a key outcome from this course.
  4. The Power of Execution. Leaders deliver results and this isolates how to get it done. This is where the rubber hits the road and we execute the strategy and where vision becomes a reality. This is the difference maker for leaders at all levels.
  5. The Anatomy of a Leader.  The signature program from Coach Curl. This is you personal leadership model Understanding how the Strong Core links to the Transformative Mind via the Service Heart. This model will change your approach to leadership and improve your results.

These programs are now available online at the academy at Gold Membership Level. The academy is an integrated online learning system attached to a self-development community to help breed accountability and support growth.


Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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