Electrical Contractor Referred Business Coach in South Brisbane

Electrical Contractor Referral for Business Coach in South Brisbane

It’s a competitive world being in the trades and when an electrical contractor was worrying about how to stay competitive he asked around among his network for a business coach who could help him stand out above the pack. He was referred to Tony Curl from Think and Grow Business for his business coach in South Brisbane.

After meeting with Tony, the contractor felt that the Think and Grow Business coach was well placed to help him. Since building the working relationship, Tony and the owner have worked hard to define the unique selling proposition of the business and redefined the target market and the approach to the market. Since this, the marketing spend has decreased, yet conversions from lead contacts have increased. Tyre kickers have decreased and he has created more ideal clients. From pulling his hair out, to being clear on message and target, the electrician has an extra bounce in his step.

A Business Coach Helps Manager to Develop Their Solutions

People usually know how to act or what they should do. The answer lies within the client. Many time’s the job of the coach is to draw out the answer from the person.  If you give them the answer then they are less likely to own the solution. A coach can offer options and make resource recommendations, even give opinions. A coach can answer questions, but in the end the business owner must have the answer.

When the answer is owned by the business owner, the accountability is bred and dedicated actions pursue.

Contact Business Coach in South Brisbane

If you are looking for a business coach in South Brisbane or surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact Tony Curl at Think and Grow Business. He has served over one hundred clients since commencing his business in 2013 and knows that his success is built on the success of his clients.

He can be contacted on 0417 197 149 or by email tony@tagb.com.au.


Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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