Accountancy Firm Books Leadership Development in Redland City

Leadership Development in Redland City

Planning for a 2 day leadership summit was the project assigned to the General Manager of a Growing Accountancy firm, head quartered in Capalaba. She went looking for Leadership Development in Redland City and came across Think and Grow Business, not just based on the Redlands but who was also active in the business community as the Vice President of the Redland City Chamber of Commerce. On checking in with the business partners, she arranged a scheduled time to discuss the 2-day leadership summit.

Taking the specific needs of the business, Think and Grow Business developed firstly an agenda for the two days, and once agreed delivered a value packed proposal on not just the summit, but after care in case of a webinar and post workshop work. The proposal was readily accepted and Tony Curl, looks forward to delivering leadership outcomes to the team.

Why Leadership Development?

Studies show that in organization, a strong sense of leadership is a must for its operations to run smoothly. It is for this reason that many companies now offer leadership development to potential leaders in various business organizations and also for people who would want to discover the inner leaders in them.

Leadership development pertains to activities that help a person enhance his or her leadership skills. This can either be through formal seminars or in other means such as a team building activity or a retreat. No matter what type of leadership development is preferred—the formal or the laidback setting—experts say that there is one surefire way to get the best our of people. This is by helping them discover the power of self motivation.


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Contact Tony Curl from Think & Grow Business if you are looking for Leadership Development in Redland City. He can be contacted on 0417 197 149 or

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