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Business Coach in Logan City

Starting a new business venture can be daunting, and when a hair dressing salon was looking to venture into wholesale a new product range from the United States of America, they went looking for a business coach in Logan City. Among a list of coaches, they contacted Think and Grow Business to ascertain how best to move forward.

We were honoured to be chosen to work with this exciting venture and am immensely proud of the progress of the business owner, a passionate female entrepreneur who is dogged in approach, resilient by nature and scoring some great wins as she builds a client list that is already exceeding targets that we have worked together to set.

If you are looking for a business coach in Logan City, like our amazing clients we already service there, give us a call and see if we are a good fit. We work with you on your business process and your mindset, we really deliver and your success is our only measurement we care about.

Our  Business Coaching Process

There is really no such thing as a generic business coaching process. Solutions should be catered to each businesses needs. The process will look much different for a company that is restructuring one department than a company that is undertaking a cultural shift throughout the organization. The process we use is central to our success and is based on an indepth health check completed with the customer, highlighting the priority areas to work on with the client.

Business coaching is a powerful tool that can transform a business from just surviving to highly successful. It can help to change the way processes flow within an organization or create an entirely new workplace environment. Business coaching is limited only by your needs and your budget. There are few companies that can’t benefit from an outsiders viewpoint and skills. Business coaching is a valuable investment, but time should be spent evaluating the best business coach to work with.

We are honoured to be one of the most referred coaches in Logan and look forward to supporting you on your business journey.

Tony Curl is a successful business and leadership coach for businesses in East Brisbane. He can be contacted by phone on 0417 197 149 or by email


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Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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