Brand Building to Grow Your Business : It’s Often a Slow Burn

Brand Building to Grow Your Business.

Brand building is a necessary part of any growth strategy. Becoming a trusted brand, either personal or business is a slow burn and often a tough slog. When you are in business, your brand has to stand for something, it has to mean something for your customers and your clients. It has to mean something for your team and employees. It has be be solid.

Brand building is integral. Much of our brand building is borne out in our marketing. But at the very base of it, comes an indepth understanding of who you are and what you stand for. Building a trusted brand is easier when you are a trusted person.

Building the Foundations of Your Brand

It is more than  marketing! When commencing with a new client, I like to understand early what they stand for for, what their values are and then to put that together into a values statement. I stand by the creed that a person’s character will ultimately lead to their reputation. As it is when we work through establishing your brand, we build that from the character of the owner.

Brand building starts with you. And then “scaffolds” from there. Everything you do in your business is established from this base foundation. Authentic and genuine. And what happens from there.

Strategy for Brand Building

Once we have established our foundation and we commence developing the brand, both personal and business. Yes, we have a marketing package developed around the staples like the logo, the business card, the website and the like. And yes that needs to be delivered consistently and in line with the brand, but a business card by itself will not deliver you a business. It’s simply part of the package.

So what does?

Building a brand is about delivering a promise to the customer. Delivering a quality product, a customer focused service and a valued experience for all. That is critical for brand building. A product that lives us to expectations is gold.

The others to excell and be consistent at:

  • Adding value over social media
  • Building genuine and authentic engagement amongst your followers
  • A genuine care for your clients
  • Protection of your brand, protection of your name
  • Alignment of your values to your business.

Brand building is certainly a major component of a business growth plan.It is a slow burn as a brand is never an immediate thing, it is built slowly over time founded on trust.

Tony Curl can help you develop a brand building strategy that works alongside with your growth strategy. Tony is one of the most quoted people from Brisbane and is shared weekly by thousands of followers around the world. He is seen in the top 10% of social media influencers based on his Klout rating.

Tony Curl
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