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Coaching, Mentoring and Advisory has their own  skill-set and outcomes for you as a business owner.

Think of  someone who goes to a doctor and the doctors suggests to lose some weight. The doctor is an advisor. They advise you to lose weight, suggest to start walking daily and eat healthier. They might point you in the direction of some great resources or people to see. That’s advisory. Advisory can be a one off, and it may be a specialist like a lawyer or an accountant. They provide advise.

As you continue down your journey of weight loss, you might seek out someone who has done it before, someone who has lost weight and became healthier. They give you the details of how they did it, and provide direction and advice based on what succeeded for them. They might share their favourite runs and walks, recipes and apps to use to keep you accountable. That’s mentoring. Mentoring usually happens within the context of the business and/or industry you operate in.

A coach however, is one who says “let’s do it together”, who provides the environment to find the answers yourselves and who walks the journey with you. A coach is a support and also a challenge as they dig in to ask the right questions to create the success for your business. A coach is a long term commitment to your success.

Coaching is a marathon and not a sprint. Our coaching programs are available on a 12 month commitment because we have a track record of success under these circumstances. We can meet you and provide casual advisory or mentoring services, but coaching on a casual basis is more difficult to get results from. Coaching works best in a trusted environment with a long term commitment. By committing to the process you have a partner in your business, one that kicks you in the backside when needed, but also who leans over to pick you up as well.

Coaching is built on trust and and is 100% confidential. We often get asked to sign confidentiality and/or non-disclosure agreement and have no troubles doing so and see that as an indicator within the industry. Our integrity and our reputation means more to us than anything we could possibly gain from sharing tidbits about our clients. Our coaching is 100% confidential and built on trust. You can be assured that your the details from your business will never be shared, sold or given away.

We know market rates and the investment asked for by premium coaches. Many  in professional services don’t highlight their pricing at all and we understand why.  Our services offer exceptional value and you will see a return on your investment. We do not use switch tactics, we do not manipulate or badger into higher paying services. We genuinely listen and our aim is to provide you with the best possible outcome and see a great return on your investment and commitment with us.

If at any time you feel like you are not getting the results you are paying for, please speak with us. Our coaching programs all feature a software program called CoachAccountable and this keeps both parties (coach and coachee) aligned to the goals and outcomes desired and set. We commit to working together to resolve any disconnect we may have. From experience, we pick up the disconnect first, and we initiate the discussion. Our KPI is your outcome and if we are not helping you get better results, we are not doing our job.

There are a lot of variables in a coaching relationship, but our experience shows us that when we work with clients in a trusted environment, success follows. Success is also defined by the quality of the goals and outcomes that we set together. We don’t guarantee to double your business, we don’t guarantee to get you 30 new clients in the next five days; like many we are cynical of marketing claims. We guarantee to work with you to succeed in business. Our KPI is your success. We help you drive the outcomes you desire.

Any Questions, Please Ask Away

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