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Commitment to Client and Community with Rebecca Young

Welcome to the second episode of the Redlands Coast Business Show. Our launch episode was very well recieved and we received some great feedback. Thanks to everyone who listened in, to those that subscribed and those that shared it on your social media. It is certainly appreciated.
This episode, is another great conversation, this time with Rebecca Young. Rebecca is the co-owner of Personalised Freight Solutions, an International Freight Forwarding company providing global import and export services. Her business is based in the Redlands and she is passionate about helping local businesses understand the processes and costs relating to international freight movement. Rebecca is very active in promoting and supporting women in business and is also on the national board for Women’s International Shipping and Trade Association.
Bec is also the current president of the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce and we get to hear from bec on some of the amazing initiatives coming out of the Chamber for the benefit of the whole business community. I met with Bec at Capalaba Central and I am sure you will attest, she shared some amazing gems. And after this short word from our sponsor Think & Grow Business, I bring you, Rebecca Young.
What an amazing conversation. Bec showed raw vulnerability which highlighted her strength of leadership. And this is what I want to speak to in my TWO CENTS.
There are some leaders out there, that believe that they must put up a front, put on a mask and appear to the world to be perfect.  They believe that is what their team want,  and see any vulnerability will be exposed and taken advantage of. This is far removed from the truth. Strength is bred by allowing yourself to be vulnerable. It allows others to see our lessons and how we recovered from it,  how we thrived from it. It allows others to see our authentic self.  and that is when you really create engagement among your team.

Thanks Rebecca Young


thanks for tuning in to this episode of the Redlands Coast Business Show, I hope you found it valuable and you took away some actionables that will help you in your business journey.
If you would like to be a guest on the podcast or know someone who would be a great guest, simply go to and connect with us. Don’t forget to subscribe to be notified of our next episode when again, we will chat with another great Redlands Coast business. This is Tony Curl, I’ll see you then.
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