Testimonials for Think and Grow Business

Workshop was awesome, super informative & understandable & applicable. Tony is SUPER MOTIVATING. THANK YOU BROTHER!

Partner, Chillers Cafe and Resataurant

I have a clearer path and map for my business. Improved business, improved mind, improved future. Thank you.

Kerri Burns
Owner, Noreen's Seaside Shop

“Having Tony as a mentor has given me a great sounding board for my ideas particularly honing my ability to spot new opportunities in my industry . We have been able to implement the strategies we discussed and landed a huge national client . All great partnerships rely on having a connection Tony is able to set a rhythm that ensured our partnership had great results . Tony is a great coach who knows how to ask the hard questions that make you discover the answers for yourself . We are looking foreword to a long relationship with Coach Curl.”

Jason Spaull
Director, Coastal Asbestos

If you are starting out or planning to scale up your business, Tony can help you make a framework of effective strategies which will save you time and spare you from headaches. Clarity is your friend. I highly recommend Tony Curl

Adrian De La Cruz
Founder, Tixxy Pty Ltd

This book is a treasure chest of wisdom, experience, and insight. May it help you navigate through this journey of life and find inspiration as you connect with his brilliant mind. Tony is a friend to me : a friend to us all. For me, Tony is sure to climb in his recognition as one of the greats, whose words will be repeated and shared for many years after being initially spoken and written. (From the foreward of Seriously Simple Stuff to Get You Unstuck. – Available on Amazon)

Steve Maraboli
International Recognised Behaviourial Scientiset, Steve Maraboli International

I’ve enjoyed taking the time to reflect on what’s important. Tony’s course allowed me to do this.

Ben Suddaby
Director, Retained Recruitment

Love Tony’s approach and insight. His experience and knowledge are invaluable.

Phillipa Sherdan
Director, Positive Sex Pty.Ltd

Helped me keep the focus on moving our business forward.

Micheal Heath
Director, Positive Sex Pty.Ltd

Engaging presentation, good use of stories, great idea to provide summary flyer at the end as something tangible post-presentation

Jayson Jones
, Tafe Queensland

Very inspirational. “love the vision and alternate when the plan isn’t working.

Anita Cleu
, Tafe Queensland

Great presentation. entertaining and useful. Key Takeaway – Do you care about me? Can you help me? Do I trust you?

Julie Sanderson
Marketing Consultant, Jacaranda Grove

Tony and Sharon Curl have a passion for empowering individuals to embrace all given opportunities in life, and to turn them into greatness, through support and professional guidance.

Laura Skirrow
Empowerment Coach, Em-Empowered Mums Networs

“Tony is an incredible speaker and author himself who I recently had the great pleasure and honour of seeing him sharing the stage with the great Dr. Steve Maraboli (U.S) at a charity fundraising lunch. He set the scene well for Steve and shared some great messages himself.”

Michella Francis
Director, Venus Consulting

I recently attended The Mastermind Study Group with Tony. He is an inspirational Leader who has the ability to engage with and captivate any audience / group with ease. Tony has emotional and social intelligence and the ability to reveal greatness in others. Tony develops Leaders. I am delighted to recommend Tony

Susan Bateson
Co-Ordinator, Bunnings Warehouse

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