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Proposal presented by: Think & Grow Business

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this framework to help deliver improved outcomes for you and Steve in your business endevours. I would like to propose the following.

Purpose of Coaching/Mentoring.

To develop confidence, frameworks, and capability to successful business outcomes focusing on:

  • Prioritization and Productivity
  • Self-Leadership
  • Building a great performance culture
  • Enhanced Communication and Connection Strategies
  • Conflict Resolution Skills and Frameworks
  • Emotional Intelligence – Self Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness, Social Skills

Other Client Needs

Appropriate to Business Skills – Cath 20 years business experience, Steve 2 months

Timing – Practical and in line with business requirements

Budget – $5000 (ex GST) as advised by client

Outcomes – Training to be real-world, practical, and focused on delivery of outcomes for the business.

Leadership Development Program - 3 Months

This is a proposal for a 3-month Leadership Development Framework for Cath & Steve Koch

Initial Program – John Maxwell DISC Assessment and Debrief

The Maxwell DISC Method has been designed around the leadership philosophies of the world’s number 1 leadership expert, John Maxwell. A leading DISC assessment to provide an in-depth analysis of behavior coupled with an action plan built from the best practice leadership principles of Maxwell. It’s a framework for your growth. The DISC Personality System is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major groups. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioral characteristics common to that style. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity This assessment will help you better understand how you can communicate more effectively with others. More effective communication with other DISC types will help you better connect with others since you can take into consideration their preferred way of receiving information and communication. Team interaction is affected by the different behaviour styles. The Maxwell DISC method builds a stronger team that communicates, appreciates the style of others, and works well together. Develop effective strategies for handling conflict and personality clashes. DISC allows teams to be developed to be their best.

Leadership Priority - 1. Self-Leadership, Self Management and Building Trust

This session explores the emotional intelligence concept of self-management and how that equates to our leadership. The ability to choose our attitude and create a growth mindset are important to every leader. Uncover the behaviours that build and cement trust in leadership roles. Be the role model you deserve to be. Your action plan will help you create your own growth plan.

Leadership Priority - 2. Priorities and Productivity

Time management is a constant with managers. Being busy is almost a status symbol, but managing time is a bit of a misnomer. The reality is how we manage our priorities and reduce needless distractions and work through overwhelm that counts. Proven practical tips and strategies that makes us more effective and productive.

Leadership Priority - 3. Leading Change & Creating Innovation

Continual improvement in leadership development leads to focused energy on innovation within the business. When confronted with leadership challenges and business problems, leaders should embrace an open mindset to develop the best solution for sustainable success.

Leadership Priority - 4. Effective Communication

John Maxwell, says that for many leaders, the problem with communication is the assumption it has occurred. One of the biggest causes of workplace conflict and underperformance is lack of clarity in communication. We explore the components of communication, and our role in delivering clear communication, understood by the audience.

Leadership Priority - 5. Setting Performance Standards

Performance Management conjures up trepidation in many managers. Managing underperforming staff members is not a task we enjoy. While it is at time necessary for a manager to manage underperformance, our greatest responsibility lies in setting performance standards and our role in delivering results and outcomes.

Leadership Priority - 6. Leading Teams – Coaching

Creating a culture of growth, development, and feedback requires courage from a leader. Knowing how and when to deliver and welcome feedback takes leadership. The aims are providing the leader with the understanding behind the building of courageous team culture and leading a team that performs.

3 Month Timeline

Project to be completed within 3 months of acceptance

Estimated Timeline:

Agreement to Completion

Assessment and Coaching Intake
2 weeks
Development Sessions / Caching / Mentoring
10 Weeks

Your Investment

28 Hours Contact Time made up of the group and individual sessions. 10 Hours Month 1 for Assessment, Intakes, and Development Session 9 Hours Month 2 & 3 made up of Group and Individual Coaching Sessions

3 Months

Total: $5000

Approve Proposal

We are excited about the potential to work with you. We have worked to ensure this proposal meets your requirements and will benefit your people and business.

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Who We Are

Think & Grow Business is a leadership and business development company that helps leaders grow themselves, their teams, and their businesses.

Our Mission

We share a passion for developing values-based leaders to help them build valuable organisations. Leadership is the difference.

Our Values

We deliver values-based leadership and business development with the foundation built from our values base. It’s our solid core Our Driving Forces in Business

Training Services:  Description, Objectives, Options, Terms, and Agreement of Services

  1. Coaching / Training Proposal:
This training agreement is for the facilitation services proposed We believe in being a trusted partnership and the success of your business is the outcome we strive for. By signing this agreement, you commit to remain coachable and to be accountable for the actions agreed. Our coaching services available include, but are not limited to:  Group Coaching, Sales Coaching, Business Partner Coaching, Youth Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and more.   Your investment for these programs will be determined on a case by case basis.
  1. Terms:
Our business relationship is completely confidential.  We will never share your identity or any information about you with any other person or organization without your expressed consent.   In the unlikely event that there are concerns that need to be referred to another professional, I may be able to make that suggestion to you. The term of our training agreement is for the outlined proposal.  I believe in working together with my clients and seeking continual feedback.  The best outcomes are achieved through a trusted relationship with feedback processes in place.

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