#44 Aim for Influence, Not Insults Because Insults Won’t Influence

#44 of the Coach Curl; Podcast highlights an important discussion that needs to be had. The lack of rational debate and discussion and the tendancy to denigrate and insult people with opposing viewpoints will increasingly isolate people and lead them down the path of “populist politics” or movements. 

Increasingly so our world is void of rational discussion and debate. Opposing viewpoints and ideologies succumb to name calling. Their are discusssions that need to be had, which arent being had because of this. Increasing extremist views and thoughts are creating a vacumm where people feel they are not being heard.

We can recover but we must change our approaches. We must seek to understand, we must build trust and we must influence not insult. Tune in to hear Coach Curl run the gauntlet.

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Author: Tony Curl
Tony Curl is the principal coach at Think and Grow Business, combining 30 years of operational leadership with a business knowledge and network to ensure continued success for his clients. He can help you reach your business and professional goals. Contact him today at 0417 197 149 or tony@tagb.com.au