#39 Coach Curl Podcast – It’s Never Too Late to Re-Purpose Your Life

In Episode #38 Tony Coach Curl is quoted as saying “It’s never to late to re-purpose your life.” And didn’t it get some press. Social Media, feedback from CoachCurl.com, listeners weren’t shy in letting Tony know how impactful this was. It resonated well  and posed some further questions on some steps to achieve,

Coach Curl delivers in this simply unplugged and devoid of marketing, Coach shares his thoughts on how to achieve adding value in areas like:
Forced Re-purposeChange the MundanePoking your head up after a ten year rutsWhat do elite sportspeople do when they retire from their chosen sports.
What can you learn from this?

Thanks to our supporters and subscribers, We appreciate you all. We love reviews and those that share our work. Enjoy our quick unplugged episode and see you next week.

Coach Curl

Author: Tony Curl
Tony Curl is the principal coach at Think and Grow Business, combining 30 years of operational leadership with a business knowledge and network to ensure continued success for his clients. He can help you reach your business and professional goals. Contact him today at 0417 197 149 or tony@tagb.com.au