#29 – Shifting Mindset from Diversity to Belonging; From Disruption to Enhancing

Episode #29. RANT TIME

The world is changing at arguably faster rate than at any other time in history. We seemed hellbent of hurtling toward Artificial Intelligence and robotic technology, and seriously who know what that will bring.

In this fast changing world, some words we have used that have been embraced need to be changed to better resemble the world that we would want.

Words like diversity, have never really cut it as a descriptor for the multi-cultural communities and work-places in which we now live. They don’t strike a chord, they don’t resonate, and I could never quite place a finger on it, until now. Here how BELONGING is infinetly more powerful than Diversity.

Reading, “The Internet is Not the Answer” by Andrew Keen has again opened an awareness. I was increasingly concerned with the market power of companies like Google and Facebook, but couldn’t quite understand why. So lets look at the concept of Disruption and replace it with Enhancement. Where does this mindshift take us?


I don’t ask for you to agree with me, just to get you thinking.

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Author: Tony Curl
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