#27 How Better Bull$h!t beats the Bull$h!t you tell yourself.

Fresh from the beach at Yamba, CoachCurl shares his latest “mesearch” that study of his own habits and behaviours of his journey. The journey that tells him that The Better Bull$h!t wins. 

We have to find a way to get out of our own way, to stop with the lies and the excuses. To stop taking the soft option and the easy path. In his book, “Seriously Simple Stuff To Get You Unstuck” Tony shares a method he uses to counter his own bull$h!t, and this podcast episode he expands on this and shares the concept of The Better Bull$h!t wins. Who do you listen to? That sub-standard version of yourself and it bull…. or the better version of yourself. The Better Bull$h!t wins.

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Author: Tony Curl
Tony Curl is the principal coach at Think and Grow Business, combining 30 years of operational leadership with a business knowledge and network to ensure continued success for his clients. He can help you reach your business and professional goals. Contact him today at 0417 197 149 or tony@tagb.com.au