#26 Having a Massive Go w/Geoff Jowett. Resilience and Strength from Setbacks.

Tony “Coach” Curl is joined today by Australian Weight Loss Legend Geoff Jowett. Over a million people have been impacted by Geoff, and created healthier lifestyles through the methods from Geoff. He is well-known as “Aussie Geoff”, for his infomercials, for his TV persona and for his absolute passion for helping people get fitter, healthier and happier. 

With Andrew Simmons, Geoff founded Vision Personal Training and was the creator of the Bodytrim system, a weight-loss and lifestyle maintenance program that helped hundreds of thousands of Australians gain control of their weight and create healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families.

In this interview, Geoff squares off against his demons, his addictions and human frailties and comes out facing forward. Geoff does polarise opinion and perception, and has had some very public downfalls in recent years, but his loyal supporters and staunch advocates sing nothing bad praise for his wisdom and programs and his ability to inspire.

Geoff is the author of Myths, Lies and Exercise and is readying himself for the launch of “Geoff Jowett – Be Your Best” in early 2017. Follow Geoff on Facebook to find out all the launch details.

Geoff epitomises Strength and Resistance which have come through from his struggles and frustrations. He acknowledges his demons, he acknowledges his addictions and focuses on moving forward and fulfilling his legacy. His story will help anyone struggling to step forward into their greatest self.

His favourite line in to have a massive go. And that is something Geoff is doing at the highest level.

Author: Tony Curl
Tony Curl is the principal coach at Think and Grow Business, combining 30 years of operational leadership with a business knowledge and network to ensure continued success for his clients. He can help you reach your business and professional goals. Contact him today at 0417 197 149 or tony@tagb.com.au