Our Leadership Model - The Anatomy of a Leader

Having a framework helps you to understand and apply leadership principles and practices in a practical way that makes sense and is easily remembered. Our Leadership Model, The Anatomy of a Leader breaks leadership down into three simple messages that cover the leadership equation. It is a leadership model that works for individuals, teams and businesses.

A leadership framework provides depth of understanding and a tool for role modelling of desired behaviours for your team and leaders. The ability to personalise and customise the model for your business is also vitally important. We can work with you to create a Leadership Model that works for you.

Strong Core

A Strong Core

The stronger the core, the stronger the framework and the stronger the leadership.

The Strong Core

Developing a Leadership Model starts with the core. The core provides the foundation for the leadership to be built on. It is centred on Character and Calling as we built the foundation from your personal values, vision and mission.  It enables the ability to define the behaviours that align with authentic character and calling.

Respect, integrity and purpose are defined in a way that brings alignment and the desired behaviours to you and your teams. We work through a process to personalise the foundation of a Strong Core. The stronger the core, the more solid the framework, the stronger the leadership.

Service Heart

A Service Heart

Setting a leaders mindset produces better outcomes for business and you.

The Service Heart

Leadership is about who we serve. Leadership is about serving and supporting our teams. What are the behaviours that great servant leaders showcase? They communicate with clarity, they listen actively, they develop themselves to develop others, they support business growth by growing themselves and the team.

Leadership adding value to their team attracts talent and becomes an employer of choice. Service, support, communicate, connection, development. This is what the Service Heart is and it becomes powerful when provided in a framework of leadership.

Transformative Mindset

Transformative Mindset

We plant the seeds to improve a leaders mindset and their results and outcomes.

The Transformative Mind.

High performing companies have transformative capabilities, the ability to turn knowledge into action. High performance Leadership is the catalyst for high business performance. Our transformative mind focuses on desire, drive and discipline, to ensure delivery of outcomes and results. It builds from the core and the heart and delivers results and outcomes in the right way, driving performance with the team aligned to the goals and the standards required. Ethical results driven by leaders and teams emphatically dialed into purpose leading in the manner prescribed. A leadership model for you, your team and your business.

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