Building Engaged Teams

One of the biggest challenges faced in business today is to build engaged teams. Teams which are aligned by a common purpose, act with trust and integrity and perform at a standard that exceeds industry benchmarks. This is the reason why engaged teams win in the world of business.

If team building and improved employee engagement was easy, everyone would have high performing teams. It requires clear intentional leadership. If you have accepted high performance as a pipe-dream, think again.

High performing teams are within the grasp of business leaders, we can help you with coaching to build a strategy and programs that enable and empower your teams to go to the next level.

Developing Better Engaged Teams

Developing Better Engaged Teams

Proven record of building better teams, engaged with purpose and delivering better results.

Team Building

Surveys show that employee engagement levels continue to be low, averaging between 20 and 30%. Surveys also show that teams with highly engaged team members perform consistently better in terms of productivity, effectiveness leading to results measured to be as high as 60% better than average performing teams.

Building high performing teams takes intentional action from developed leaders. Often we come to accept the performance of our teams, believing this is the best it gets. We know that this should not be the case. Team building and employee engagement are skills that can be developed in your leaders.

Engagement Strategies

Engagement Strategies

Our coaching programs support leaders by developing the skills and strategies to increase employee engagement.

What We Do.

Working with leaders at all levels from front-line to senior executives helping them define and grow the skills to build high-performing teams and increase levels of employee engagements. Enabling your leaders to better:

  • Create purpose, vision and goals for the team
  • Align to the company strategy and vision
  • Delegate and develop their individual team members.
  • Create a culture of feedback and growth.

Team Building Programs

Team Building Programs

Our coaching is designed to deliver through creating awareness, building action and driving accountability.

How We Do It

Our range of programs have been developed from experience and research in neuroscience and human behaviour, and content from the world’s number 1 leadership expert, John Maxwell as a certified John Maxwell team coach and facilitator. We help you build engaged teams.

Our programs are proven to build leaders that build high-performing teams. Our programs incorporate a range of tools, including leadership assessments, needs-based leadership coaching and content delivery supported through our own white-label online platform.

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