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We Coach Managers and Business Owners

To Strengthen Business by Developing Leadership and Mindset.

Strengthening Leadership

Creating role models and leaders who inspire and empower.

Stronger Leaders

Working with leaders to be the best, most effective they can be.
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Strengthening Mindset

Our mindset determines the level of our success. Enhanced mindset delivers greater results.

Stronger Mindset

Our mindset mentoring programs delivers mindset that influences, innovates and wins.
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Strengthening Business

Cultivating leaders, transforming leadership behaviours into successful business outcomes

Stronger Business

Guiding leaders to be the empowering role models needed in your business success.
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Your Online Academy

Over 60 courses coupled with live training to help you build and grow your business by developing your leadership and mindset. Practical course that cover all leadership principles and business avenues.


Kerri Burns
Kerri BurnsNoreens Seaside Shop
I have a clearer path and map for my business. Improved business, improved mind, improved future. Thank you.
Jason Spaull
Jason SpaullCoastal Asbestos
Having Tony as a mentor has given me a great sounding board for my ideas particularly honing my ability to spot new opportunities in my industry . We have been able to implement the strategies we discussed and landed a huge national client . All great partnerships rely on having a connection Tony is able to set a rhythm that ensured our partnership had great results . Tony is a great coach who knows how to ask the hard questions that make you discover the answers for yourself . We are looking foreword to a long relationship with Coach Curl.
Workshop was awesome, super informative & understandable & applicable. Tony is SUPER MOTIVATING. THANK YOU BROTHER!
Adrian De La Cruz
Adrian De La CruzTixxy Pty Ltd
If you are starting out or planning to scale up your business, Tony can help you make a framework of effective strategies which will save you time and spare you from headaches. Clarity is your friend. I highly recommend Tony Curl
Marleen Lundy
Marleen LundyBRMI
Thank you for coming out to close our event. You did a great job and your story is fascinating. I know our attendees gained valuable insight from both of your presentations.
Angela Stafford
Angela StaffordAngela's Wild Kitchen
Tony is a very warm and approachable teacher and coach. His ideas are inspiring and he is able to break long term goals down into smaller, achievable steps. I found that having Tony as a teacher enabled me to look at my business in more practical terms and gave me a clearer vision of where I want to take it.
David Thompson
David ThompsonWilsons Advisory
Tony has an incredible passion for helping leaders get the best from their team. I have had the privilege of attending one of Tony's business round table series and several of his speaking engagements. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tony to any aspiring leader looking to take things to the next level.
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas SmithESoldier
I learnt more about leadership during Tony's 6-week leadership course, then i did during 7-years with the army. Tony's knowledge on the subject of leadership is just remarkable, and i highly recommend him to anyone who want's to improve their leadership skills, whether for business or personal. Thanks Tony, and i look forward to future courses
Catherine B Roy
Catherine B RoyLHM Academy
I met Tony at The Royal Society. He is very creative professional and extremely intelligent person who develops incredible synergy with everyone who is given the opportunity to work with him! He is a mission oriented leader and mentor with exceptional leadership skills. I highly recommend Tony as high level professional Business Coach
Michella Francis
Michella FrancisVenus Consulting
Tony is an incredible coach. He works at a level that offers no comparison, to any other coach I have heard of or worked with in the past. The attitude and energy he brings to every session are amazing and while he pushes and challenges you, you have his undivided support. He sees the bigger picture, however his creative mindset and flair for details are undeniable. You are certain to stretch and grow as part as working with Tony.
Brad Tupper
Brad TupperOrora Ltd
Tony has a great calming personality which allows him to endear himself with reflection and conviction as a qualified JMT leadership coach. With a wealth of experience in business, his passion for people is always at the fore in how he delivers on his promise. Above all, he's a great bloke, I look forward to working with Tony again.

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