How are you or members of your team coping with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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How are members of your team coping with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic? Does it impact their mental health and psychological well-being? Are they paralyzed with fear or looking for the silver lining in the crisis?

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What does the Assessment Do

The “Pandemic Resilience Test”

  • evaluates a number of traits and skills that play an important role in people’s response to adversity
  • offers loads of helpful, down-to-earth advice on how to manage the stress and fear stirred up by the COVID-19 epidemic
  • enhances test-takers’ self-awareness
  • equips them with a variety of science-based psychological hacks
  • helps them weather this storm and pull through the crisis with their mental health intact

what gets measured

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Current Stress Level

During stressful times, there are certain protective traits, and certain helpful skills, that can make it easier to manage challenging circumstances.

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Critical Thinking

By developing his/her critical thinking skills, you will be better equipped to analyze situations, evaluate risks, and make sensible decisions

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Dealing with Ambiguity

How do you cope when thrown into ambiguous or uncertain circumstances.

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Coping Skills

The current pandemic is generating a lot of fear and stress. Facing this stressor can be a challenge.

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Locus of Control

Where does your sense of control come from, internal or external. How much control do you feel you have?

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Hardiness isn't something people are born with - it's developed by going through, and learning from, hardship.

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Being able to keep things in perspective during the pandemic is essential to maintaining peace of mind.

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Community Values

Are you doing what you can to be neighborly, and to show compassion towards others, during this difficult time

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Common Sense

Do you understands the importance of using common sense during a crisis, and are you putting it into practice.

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