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Courageous leaders always look for ways to grow. They look to take on additional projects, they look to lighten the load of the leaders they report to. They read, they learn and they listen. When I was working in the corporate world, I kept a portable file filled to the brim of articles on all aspects of leadership. I would print them up, highlight and make note of my actions and place them in the file.

This file provided me with a constant source of information and development for my team and I would often share with them individually and at meetings. It was my way to grow, I would read and reflect and from that changes would be made. My team would appreciate the investment I made in them and the reward for me was an improvement in their actions and results. Courageous leaders know the investment they make in their team, gets returned in many ways, but notably in results and outcomes.

Review and Reflect

I still have that portable file and it stays in my office and remains a constant source of reflection for me. But generally nowadays, my processes have changed. My library has swelled and multiplied and when I have an article that resonates, I now save it in an ebook format and download it to my tablet and phone. It is saved on a cloud drive and I have it always available to me. Courageous leaders find a way to develop themselves to help them be better and to help their team be better.

Statistics continually tell us that companies under invest in leadership development and this can cause leaders to become frustrated and disconnected. That is why I call leaders who own their own development as courageous, they take the steps to develop themselves potentially within a corporate environment that isn’t conducive to it.

A New Option

Now, these leaders have a free option. We are offering a FREE TEN DAY LEADERSHIP course for courageous leaders. This course will increase your awareness and provides activities for leaders to work through for their benefit. Here is a quote from the course:

Each decision you make in your personal and business life is a testament to your
courage. Something as simple as refusing a rich dessert because you want to stay fit
takes a certain amount of courage if you have gnawing cravings for sugar. !
Other decisions you must make may be monumental and require the courage of a lion.
A decision to quit a high-paying job to follow your life’s dream is a major decision that
takes courage – and planning. And, some decisions may seem unimportant in the
moment, but later you may see that they were life-changing.

This course is available for everyone and is delivered daily into your inbox. The course looks at courage in leadership, turning adversity into success and dissecting the characteristics and traits of great leaders. It is a program that will help you be better as a leader and improve results and outcomes.

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