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Have you ever wanted to become a coach? Think and Grow Business can offer you the opportunity to become a certified coach. The opportunity to join our global team.

Tony Curl is one of the selected professionals studying for his PhD in Psycho-Neuro-Actualization, the coachng and influencing program developed by Dr Steve Maraboli and owns the rights to the program in Australia. Steve is acknowledged as one of the great influencers and motivators in the world.

Tony can also can guide your journey in gaining certification with the John Maxwell Team. John is recognised as the number 1 leadership expert in the world, and adding this certification will support your journey and current business.

Become a PNA Coach

Become a Coach
Dr. Steve Maraboli

Psycho-Neuro-Actualization: Dr Steve Maraboli

Psycho-Neuro-Actualization is a coaching and influencing program that has been developed by Dr Steve Maraboli and is gaining world-wide attention as one of the most effective coaching tools available. Set to extend the reach even further in the coming years, Tony Curl is one of the select professionals in the world, undertaking his PhD studies in PNA. Partnering with Steve, Tony has the Australian rights to PNA and offers full certification from Level 1 through the the PhD. Basic and Advanced certification is currently taught by Steve and Tony personally, while the PhD will become available after completion of Advanced Levels. Here’s what you cover when you become a coach.

Level 1 – Covers: Cognition, Psychology of Influence, Neuroscience of Influence, Limbic System, Frontal Lobe Response, Perception, Context and Perspective.

Level 2- Covers: Motivational Psychology, Neuroplasticity & Learning, Cognitive Neuroscience & Achievement, PNA with Children, Decoding the Human Experience.

Training can be conducted by a variety of methods by Steve and Tony, and your certification is signed off by Dr Steve personally.

The John Maxwell Team Certification

Imagine being a member of the fastest growing coaching program in the world, The John Maxwell Team. John has been recognised as the number 1 leadership expert in the world and  his growing team allow his work and teachings to be shared around the world. The team numbers over 6500 and is present in every country of the world. Imagine this as your network, imagine this as your accountability partners. Join the team, become a coach.

Tony can guide you through the requirements of what you need to join the team. They will share their experiences and will get the best person to contact you to finalise the process.

On joining, you will go through a 90 day roadmap and study program and certification is completed at a Live Training event in Orlando, Florida.

Become a John Maxwell Coach
Dr John Maxwell

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